Sample rate

Hi there,
I have just tried to record some stuff but got an error code saying : Invalid sample rate.
How do I fix this ?
Many thanks

What are you trying to record and what equipment are you using?
Are you able to import an audio file into Audacity and play it?

Not a Mac guy here. This error can be a catchall error indicating a host of different issues. Possibly the Sample Rate (lower left-hand corner) doesn’t agree with what Mac or the device are presenting. Or with a previously recorded track.

Sometimes the issue can be cleared by resetting Audacity or the device or the PC. In some cases the problem can be corrected by updating the software drivers or the OS. BTW, are you on 2.4.2?

I know you want to try to fix this problem yourself. But if you can’t, try to answer steve’s questions. :smiley:

I hope this helps. :smiley: