Sample Quality

I have two samples of speech, first is with very bad quality and it´s very bassy-like (it´s hard to describe) and second is good. I want make the first sample as good as the second (no difference between first and second after edit), but I am using AudaCity not so often, so I don´t have most ideas how to do it. And that´s why I want ask for a help.

I don´t need final file with good sound. I need a describe how to solve it (for example: how effects will I use, effect options, etc.) This is only a demo, I have a 7 min long file, and I don´t want posting that so long file here.

Thank you.

NOTE: Don´t be surprised, the speech is not in english, but in czech.

If you apply this equalization curve to the bad it will have the same frequency-content as the good, (but it won’t remove the sizzle)

Thanks, but i never painted in Equalizator before. Is possible to get your saved curve to download please? Thank you

That was possible in previous versions of Audacity but not the current one (2-3-3). :cry:

For your purposes a 5-point approximation of the above “curve” would suffice.
MrTonyDeer.XML (27.5 KB)

And it will be possible again in the soon to be upcoming 2.4.0 release (I QA tested that functionality)


Thanks you! I really appreciate your work.

Hello everyone,

I got a new files and I have the same problem, this time I need two curves. Files are in the attachment.

Thanks everyone.