Sample Data Export - can't see it in Tools


I’ve got version 2.3.3 and can’t for some reason see ‘Sample Data Export’ in the tools menu. I’ve got an audio selected. I’ve also looked in the Add/Remove Plugings and can see that this plugin is enabled.

I’m sure I’m being stupid but could someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong?


What do you have listed in the Tools menu?

Hi Steve, as attached.

It looks like something has got messed up in the configuration files.
To reset Audacity:

  1. Quit Audacity.
  2. Open the hidden folder:
  3. Delete the three files:
  • audacity.cfg
    • pluginregistry.cfg
    • pluginsettings.cfg
  1. Restart Audacity
    Audacity will restart with “factory default” settings.

Fantastic Steve, thank you very much - it works. It’s a very useful tool. :slight_smile: