Same problem with replay speed

Hi all,

A while back I posted that the recordings I was making from LPs were playing back at double speed – chipmunks-style. Somehow I fixed it but when I resumed the project, it was doing it again.

I’m using Win 10 64-bit with an i5 processor. Audacity is the current version. I’m using a Scarlett i2i interface which is also where I set the input levels. The headphone monitor on that device works fine. Audacity and the mobo sound card are both set to 44.1kHz.

I put my phone on stopwatch mode and pressed the start button there and the record button on Audacity at the same time. Allowing for some slop in the start time, the time scale on top of Audacity (shown in seconds) was exactly half the speed of the stopwatch.

Any ideas how I fix this?

Thanks, Skip

I had to reload the Focusrite drivers. To be honest, I can’t see any difference when I look at the rates and speeds but it’s buried there somewhere. Thanks for looking, sh