Same old problem?

I was eagerly anticipating the release of 2.4 because I thought it would allow recording from the computer WITHOUT the use of other software(like the awful Soundflower). I downloaded 2.4.1 today and from reading the manual it appears I still have to use Soundflower.
What am I missing?

Mac computers just cannot do this.

Windows PCs can using WASAPI host with software loopback.


You could try iShowU Audio Capture.

As WC implied, this is a Mac limitation, not a problem with Audacity.

– Bill

The older versions of Audacity(not sure which version but it was pre-Soundflower requirement) did it very easily. As I recall there was a “line in” source option.

As Bill asid it is a Mac/Apple issue not an Audacity one - earlier Macs used to be able to do this IIRC but Apple took that functionality away (presumably to help protect copyrighted audio).


“Line in” wasn’t from Apple, unless you’re talking about last century.

Soundflower wasn’t awful either. I’s just unmaintained and doesn’t run well on today’s Macos versions.

Fortunately, there are a number of solutions out there:

There are several others, but these are the top two for me. Most of these are used to route audio between Zoom or Skype conferencing software.