Safely Sliding Audio

I was wondering if anyone could help me. I’m editing an audio drama and I’m a bit worried.

I have edited all of the dialogue, there are some quite precise edits, moments where a character pauses to think before responding, moments where they interrupt and overlap.

However now the music tracks have arrived, so I’m going to need to add them. How do I do that without destroying all of those cuts?
For example, the first line of dialogue is at 0.00, but I’m going to want the music to start and the dialogue to come in later. How do I slide everything along? I know I could do this manually, but is there a better way.

There will also be a few times later where I might need to add a longer pause so we can hear the music.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for how to do this?

You will need to select all of the tracks that you want to move. If you have not yet imported the music track, you can do this with “Ctrl + A” (select All). Then click and drag the top bar of any of the selected regions and they will all move together.

If you already have the music track imported, you can do “Ctrl + A” to select all tracks, then “Ctrl _ Click” on the “Select” button of the music track to de-select that track.

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Ah thank you.

I was hoping there was some sort of automated way of doing it. However I can see how imposible that would be, sometimes requiring tracks to remain frozen and other times moving.

I ended up doing it and manually moving some bits. I must say I was glad this was a short project because if it was longer things would have become really difficult!.