SACD .dsf files [SOLVED]

I am running Windows 10 64 bit and Audacity 2.1.1.
I want to read .dsf files and have read a post on the forum from December 2014 which is now locked.
I have extracted the 64 bit version of ffmpeg version of 29 July 2014 and placed it in the suggested directory. I imagine that this would behave similarly to the 32 bit version of the same date mentioned in the earlier post. However when I press the locate button in preferences-libraries I still am observing the “library not found” message.
Any suggestions on how to solve my problem would be greatly appreciated.

Download and install the FFmpeg import-export library for Audacity from [u]here[/u]. (Audacity is a 32-bit application and it needs the 32-version of FFmpeg.)

Thanks but I think I need version 2.3 for dsf files. Are you able to read dsf files with version 2.2.?

Are you able to read dsf files with version 2.2.?

I don’t know… I found [u]FFmpeg Supported Audio CODECs[/u]. I assume that’s the latest version of FFmpeg. I see DSD (for decoding only) but I don’t see DSF. Is that the same thing?

I’ve “heard” that foobar2000 can play/convert SACD files but I don’t know anything about it.

Thanks again for your help. The problem is now solved. I made an incorrect assumption after reading the earlier 2014 post by trying to use the 64 bit version of the download suggested there because I run w10 64bit. You put me on the right track by inferring that I should be sticking to the 32 bit version which I got hold of.

So just to reiterate for anyone else who might be following:
FFmpeg version 2.2 can not read DSD (.dsf or .dff) files.
You need to get hold of version 2.3 which is available here . Download the ffmpeg-20140729-git-4f91bb0-win32-shared.7z or ffmpeg-20140808-git-d34ec64-win32-shared.7z versions. You need to extract with 7-zip and use the “locate” rather than “download” (which finds v 2.2) button in preferences - libraries in Audacity.


Thank you for posting what you did to solve the problem, Bailso. I have marked the topic as [SOLVED] and locked it (this prevents a good answer from being posted to with unrelated questions).

As I understand it, DSF has the ability to hold metadata and DFF doesn’t, however, some players only read DFF files.