running macro on files not working on M1

I have several macs.
On my Intel machines (e.g., my MacBook Pro) I run a macro to convert files to MP3 then the converted files are output to a folder “macro-output”. To be clear, I do

  1. Choose Tools > Macros…
  2. Choose the macro (“MP3 Conversion”) and then Files… Then select the relevant files
  3. Audacity shows a window that lists the files being converted for the duration of the operation
  4. The converted files are saved to “macro-output”. The folder is created if necessary.

If I try to do the same on my Mac mini M1 (2020) then Audacity goes through the same steps, including showing the processing window, but nothing is output to the “macro-output” folder, and no folder is created either.

To be complete I can add that I am using Ventura on my macs currently, but I noticed this problem previously when I was using Catalina, maybe even before that.
Also the current version of Audacity on the M1 is 3.2.1 (where the command is now Macro Manger), but previously I was using 2.4.2 and the same was true.

I’m running Audacity 3.2.1 on a Macbook Air with Ventura 13.0. This works OK for me. The menu item is “Macro Manager”.

Have a look at Preferences > Directories. Maybe set the macro output directory to a specific directory you have created.

– Bill