Running live audio from device to website

I run an “online radio scanner”(A radio in my garage with several railroad frequencies programmed into it.).

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Click “Live Audio Feeds”. Click the Pennsylvania map, then click the Lancaster County map, then click the “speaker” icon at Lancaster County Rail - that would be my scanner - running several railroad frequencies in my area.

The audio is, generally, horrible. Might benefit from a run through an expander/compressor/limiter/Gate/EQ/Notch filter(And any other trick one can think of!) - though, “just a bit” of everything, to smooth things out a touch.).

Can I do this with Audacity? Can’t afford a, hardware, “channel strip” just for my(Out of my pocket) online scanner efforts.

Here’s the setup:

Scanning radio headphone jack, directly into the(Old XP desktop computer) mic input jack, then to “special online scanning software”, then to the web and RR.Com… Without another computer I don’t see how, but ------ do you?

Audacity doesn’t do anything in real time and it doesn’t play well with other audio programs.

You might experiment with not using the Mic-In on your processing computer. That’s very sensitive and prone to overloading and distortion. Try using the blue Stereo Line-In instead and turn that up instead of trying to turn the Mic-In down.