Running Lame

My laptop and PC both run Windows 7 and I have downloaded the Lame programme to concert to MP3, but in both cases the programme will not load, might there be a conflict somewhere? I tried downloading the alternative 3.98.4 build but got a message saying Insufficient Permissions

First check that you followed the instructions as described here exactly, and if there is still a problem try the troubleshooting tips:

I’ve never had that problem, but there are many other LAME-based encoders. It’s an extra step, but you can save-as (export to) WAV, and then use another program for MP3 encoding.

[u]XRECODE[/u] (FREE!!!) or [u]XRECODE II[/u] ($15 USD) are handy for all kinds of audio conversions.

Or, you can use [u]LameDrop[/u] (FREE!!!), or HydrogenAudio has a list of free LAME “front ends” on [u]this page[/u].

Or, you can use LAME.exe directly from the [u]command line[/u].

Lamedrop is good for batch encoding if you have a load of WAV files to convert. Just drag and drop them onto the fish and make yourself a cup of tea (or coffee) while it gets on with the job.