Running Extend Silence Effect On Hundreds Of Files

Mac OS X: 10.11.6
Audacity: 2.2.2

I have between 200 and 300 .wav files that I need to run the ‘extend silence’ effect on. Most of the files are about an hour long and it takes several minutes to run this function on each file.

I would like to write & run a script that will automatically open each file, run the effect, and save the file with the same name as a .wav file, but add ES at then end. For example: 204_MH_190529clip.wav becomes saved as 204_MH_190529clipES.wav.

I’m new to writing scripts, so please don’t assume I know anything about this. :slight_smile:

After poking around a bit, it seems I need to write a macro ( The Audacity manual suggests using the Tools menu ( to get started, but it doesn’t look like this menu exists on Mac Audacity 2.2.2.

Can someone point me in the correct direction to get started doing this on a Mac?

Looks like I need to write a macro? (

The manual suggests I start with the Tools menu ( but that doesn’t seem to exist on Audacity 2.2.2 on my Mac… Can anyone point me in the correct direction to learn how to do this?

2.2.2 has Chains in the File Menu.

For 2.3.x Chains were replaced by Macros (and improved a lot).

I suggest you download the latest 2.3.2 version for Mac:


Thanks for the suggestion. I have updated Audacity to 2.3.2 and attempted to put together a simple macro:

I was hoping this would run Extend Silence on several files I could select as a batch. It wound up opening each file and then exporting it without running Extend Silence first. I thought I might need to set parameters to get Extend Silence to function properly, but it doesn’t seem possible…

Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.

I think you may be getting confused between “effects” and “macros”.
You need to install the “Extend Silence” effect, and then use that in you new macro. Currently it looks like you are trying to put the “Extend Silence” macro into itself.

Do you have the “Extend Silence” effect?

Thanks for your reply.

Macro_ExtendSilence was in the effects list and I think I was using it to extend silence one file at a time before I tried doing this in batches. I could be mistaken though.

Anyhow, I deleted the Macro_ExtendSilence file and downloaded the Extend Silence effect, got it in the proper folder, and put together a very short macro that does the job I need it to do.

Thanks again.

Whenever you create a new Macro, it appears in the commands list.
You would not normally include a Macro in a Macro, but it is a useful feature for advanced scripting using Python.

So now if you look in the Macro commands again, you should see your new Macro listed there (as well as the “Extend Silence” plug-in).