running Audacity & another audio app simultaneously?

hi all, 1st time here…

I confess!..I confess!! I’m a Mac guy, who’s writing on behalf of a Windows 8 newbie that’s having a lot of problems with drivers (I think) and has asked me to write for him. Here goes…

Bottom line is, he is trying to have both Audacity and another audio app (Kontakt 5 standalone) open and playing at the same time. So that he can play an audio track in Audacity and play along with it with a Kontakt 5 VI. He can get either Audacity or Kontakt to open and play, but as soon as he opens one, when he tries to open the other, it cannot “find” audio out.
So is this a “driver” issue? and, if yes, is it resolvable?
thanks in advance for your help!

If Kontakt5 demands exclusive access to the sound card, he can’t play audio in both applications at the same time.

He could try selecting the sound device he’s using on the Playback tab of Windows Sound. Click Properties, then on the Advanced tab, uncheck both “Exclusive Mode” boxes.

If that does not help, perhaps he can export the song from Audacity and play it in Kontakt 5. He can ask for help with Kontakt 5 at

Generally it is more efficient if he asks questions about Audacity here himself than relay them through someone else.