Running Audacity 2.3.3 on Mac Sierra 10.12.6 Need help to fix Error Locking Temporary Folder.

I’ve seen a lot of fixes online. Some require writing in a bit of code. I don’t want to write in the wrong code. Is there a sure fire fix for this problem?

What error are you referring to? When does this error occur and what exactly is the full error message?

Here’s what I see when I open Audacity.

Error Locking Temporary Folder
Icon with yellow triangle !

Audacity was not able to lock the temporary files directory.
This folder may be in use by another copy of Audacity. Running two copies of Audacity simultaneously may cause data loss or cause your system to crash.

Do you still want to start Audacity?


I am getting dropouts while recording especially if I’ve been using Audacity over an extended period.

Please help. Thanks

The “Error Locking Temporary Folder” issue is probably because Audacity was previously shut down incorrectly. This can happen if the computer is shut down while Audacity is still running, or if there is a crash of some sort. The next version of Audacity takes additional steps to resolve problems with incorrect shutdown, so this error message is unlikely to be seen. This issue is unrelated to dropouts.

Unfortunately there is no simple answer to the problem of dropouts as it may be due to any number of things. A common cause is if the computer is being asked to run more tasks at the same time than it can comfortably manage, and is therefore not able to keep up with the audio stream. In this case the solution is simple: close some of the other applications before recording.

Other possibilities are discussed here: