Run Audacity without GUI


I have been reversing Audacity for a while and getting to grisp with it.

is it possible to run Audacity with the gui or just hide the GUI.
I am looking into implementing the engine of Audacity into another frontend and program.

I would also like to be able to control the execution (start up and init) of Audacity from a seperate source code.
It might have more to do with xwWidget than Audacity.


What does that mean? :confused:

Note that you can’t just simply use Audacity in a closed source application.

That other application must be open source, or you must take specific measures to separately open-source-licence our reused code.

You could try You’ll have to compile Audacity.

Note there are no official Audacity developers active on this Forum so you will have to do your own implementation work, or ask an Audacity developer if they can help you. Any developer assistance would be provided at normal commercial rates for a developer’s time.


Reverse engineer, meaning just reading and debugging the code to figure out how it all works

As I understand this licence stuff, I am use it how I want even in commercial application, just that you have to make the audacity code available if requested.
Anyway for now its still researching things.

Interesting, I have compiled audacity allready, but scripting could be an option, do you know if I can start and run audacity from there without have to run the wxWidget gui frontend?

do you know where to contact the developers then? or those who can ask my questions. I am not asking for something to code for me.

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No. You must provide two things. 1) The verbatim GPL licence and 2) either provide your modified Audacity code or make a written offer to provide it. It is not sufficient to wait until some one asks you for the code.

All the provided scripting commands require the Audacity GUI to be already running. You may be better more directly integrating Audacity into your app if you don’t want Audacity GUI to appear.

However you’ll still need to pop up a EULA with GPL licence the first time you use the Audacity engine in your app (even if no Audacity GUI appears) , or provide the Audacity functionality as some kind of installable plugin where you provide the GPL when the user installs the plugin.

You could subscribe to the developers list on this page:

You should not abuse the list by asking for a lot of free help. There is no absolute guarantee all or any of your questions will be answered.


Hi Gale

Thanks for the advice and help. I am trying to learn about audio and codecs and how it all works, there is no commercial application. I just want to figure out how to do what I wanted.
Which was to control Audacity my self, as that could be quiete cool.

About all the licenses stuff. I am a programmer, dont really know all about the licenses thing so thanks for telling me, however thats would be way way in the future so not even important right now.

Ill jump on the developer mail group as well.


So as to avoid reinventing the wheel, are you aware of:

  1. SoX
  2. The experimental scripting module for Audacity

If you are interested in the latter, you should download the source code from GitHub rather than from SVN (the current source code is on GitHub, but we were using SVN when the 2.1.0 manual was released).