Ruler is too condensed

Audacity 2.0 from dmg
OS 10.6.8

My time ruler is so compressed that an hour of music is contained within a few horizontal inches.
I would like to expand the ratio so that only a few minutes show at a time, not a few hours.
Much like is shown in the manual and tutorials.
My ruler is too compressed, too much time in too little lateral space.

So where is the control for how to expand or compress the time ruler?

Much thanks.

I have tried to paste a picture, but was unsuccessful. Is it possible to paste graphics in this forum?

We know what you want.

You can use the Zoom tools. Drag-Select a small portion of the show and Zoom To Selection Command-E. Zoom back out Full with Command-F. Zoom out slightly with Command-3. There are more and you can look them up, but I use those three so much I’m wearing out the keys.


You can attach images and various audio and document formats up to 1 MB in size. Please see .