RSS Feed

Is there a feed for this forum so I can read new posts in Google Reader?


Currently no there isn’t.
There does not appear to be much demand (as far as I recall you are the first and only person to request RSS feed).
If anyone else would like this feature, please speak up.

Really? I’m surprised. A Google reader feed (or something similar) is a great way to keep up with questions/developments/issues regarding Audacity without continually checking in at this forum. I find my other feeds are real time savers with all the other stuff going on in our connected lives.
Anyway, food for thought. Probably isn’t that hard to set up.

I’ve raised this with the other forum staff.
The forum software does not support RSS by default, but it does support Atom feeds, so it’s possible that we could enable that.
I’ll post an update here if there is any change.