Routing Input problem on Audacity

Hi. I recently upgraded my studio with a new mic and preamp. I have the Neumann U87 along with the Retro Powerstrip Preamp.

As I hooked it up to my audio interface (UR28M) which then connects to my laptop (Lenovo Ideapad U410), I tried recording on Audacity. I have Audacity 2.0.3
It’s not the most recent version.

As I was speaking through the mic, the sound was coming out of the studio monitors, but when i was recording, there was no input signal showing up. I talked with a sound technician guy and he told me I must have a routing issue.

I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this.

Do i need to update my audacity? Or is my mic just too much for audacity to handle?

The reason why I go with audacity as my DAW is that i’ve used this the longest and everytime i try out another recording software whether that be protools or ableton for example, there tends to be a lag on my computer. Never really had problems with my audacity until now.

That won’t fix this problem, but I would definitely recommend that you upgrade to Audacity 2.2.2. (2.0.3 is very old, and there have been a lot of improvements and bug fixes since then). You can get Audacity 2.2.2 via the Audacity website:

Ensure that you are using “channel 1” on the UR28M interface.