Route for Audacity to Behringer UCG102

Hi guys

Ive used Audacity for years with no issues of any kind. Ive been partial to Version 1.2.6 on my dell laptop running Vista.

I decided to take my DIY recording up a notch and to interface directly instead of putting a mic in front of my guitar amp. So I purchased the Behringer UCG102. This device connects via a USB port your 1/4 guitar cable. Im also using Guitar rig 5 pro, which is function properly, with proper routing to Output connected to the Behringer.

I removed the original version of Audacity I had, and reinstalled using the Audacity 1.2.6 which came with the Behringer. And have the same issue,and it is as follows

My problem is I cant get my Audacity to “Input” and "Output’ to the Behringer device. The instructions they include are as follows: Go to “File”, than “Preferances”, than “Audio 1/0 tab”, than select “Playback and Recording Devices” and select “Behringer USB AUDIO” from the list. Reboot

Besides the fact that my “Preferances” isnt under the “File” tab, but instead in the “Edit” tab, when I pull up Preferances and the “Audio 1/0” Tab, within the “Playback and Recording Devices” pop up, there is NO option to select “Behringer USB Audio”.

The ''recording input" list contains my laptop internal mic, my external computer mic, my web cam mic, or something called “Microsoft Sound Mapper”. The “Output” has only “Microsoft Sound Mapper Output”, or " RTC headphones" .

So how on earth do I get “Behringer USB Audio” path way, routed to Audacity, when you cant…add devices into its list?

Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated


Audacity 1.2.6 is obsolete and no longer supported.
Audacity 1.2.6 has multiple problems on Vista and Windows 7. You may have been lucky and not encountered the problems, but it does have problems.

“Preferences” is under the “Edit” menu (the instructions that you have are wrong).
The current manual is included in the standard installation version of Audacity 2.
Audacity 2.0 is available here:
The manual is also available on line:

Ensure that the USB device is connected and recognised by Windows before you open Audacity.
If you connect the USB device while Audacity is open you will need to “Rescan Audio Devices” (Transport menu).
Select the USB device using the Device Toolbar:

Thanks for the post Mr.Steve

I followed your instructions, but Im still having the same issue.

I did upgrade as you suggested. And verified that windows and the USB port recognise the Behringer interface

But I still cant route the signal

Im trying to set up this ‘path’:

Guitar > Into Behringer interface > Guitar Rig > Audacity > out to Behringer > and from Behringer out to my Roland Monitor

What I have been able to set up is the:

Guitar > Behringer interface > Guitar Rig > Out to Behringer > out to Roland Monitor

Audacity is not ‘in the loop’ so to speak.

In the Behringer handbook it states that the Guitar rig wouldnt be the ‘host application’ used for routeing, as that would be the Audio recording software, which is Audacity.

Any additional help would be appreciated, as I really want to keep using Audacity



Guitar Rig is software designed for real time processing.
Audacity does not do real time processing.

The following configuration should work:
Guitar > Into Behringer interface > Audacity > out to Behringer > and from Behringer out to my Roland Monitor

and the following:
Guitar > Into Behringer interface > Guitar Rig > out to Behringer > and from Behringer out to my Roland Monitor

but for:
Guitar > Into Behringer interface > Guitar Rig > host application > out to Behringer > and from Behringer out to my Roland Monitor
you will need to use a real-time host such as Reaper, Cubase, Sonar, Cakewalk…

I can understand that Guitar Rig is software designed for real time processing and Audacity does not do real time processing… But why should I need a Roland Monitor to make my Behringer UCG102 record from my guitar when both Audacity AND Behringer say they are compatible? ’
In Audacity I can see the Behringer USB WDM listed as Speakers and Line In with MME and Stereo. Also set to 41000 and 16bit.
I can load a music clip in Audacity and hear perfectly through the headphones attached to the UCG102. However, when I try to record, I get this message; “Error while opening sound device. Please check the input device settings and the project sample rate”. - Which I did?!
I borrowed a friends USB Audio device - not a UCG102, but I can’t remember what it was… And it worked perfectly both Speakers and Line In - no drivers, no setting up no nothing, it just worked. Something I was hoping would be the case with the UCG102. The Manufacturers little photo of simply plugging Headphones + Guitar into UCG102 then the USB on the Laptop.
Incidently, the UCG102 does actualy work with Guitar Rig software, even though it sounds really rough, but that may only need some configuring.

I would love to use the UCG102 with Audacity.

I don’t understand what you mean.
You don’t need a Roland Monitor to make your Behringer UCG102 record from your guitar.
I only mentioned the Roland Monitor because you wrote that you were using the Roland Monitor for audio playback.

We seem to be getting into some confusion here, so let’s try simplifying the set up and see if we can get a simple set-up working correctly first, then we can look at a more complex set-up later.

  1. Shut down your computer
  2. Unplug the Roland Monitor
  3. Unplug any other speakers or headphones that you may have attached
  4. Unplug any other USB devices from your computer other than your keyboard (if that is USB), your mouse (if that is USB) and the Behringer UCG 102. There should now be no USB devices connected to your computer other than the UCG 102 and possibly mouse and/or keyboard if your mouse/keyboard are USB.
  5. Plug your headphones into the UCG 102
  6. Plug your guitar into the UCG 102
  7. Power on your computer and wait a minute until it has fully booted up and settled itself.
  8. Launch Audacity.
  9. In the Device Toolbar there should be one USB option in the “Recording Input” box. Select that option.
  10. In the Device Toolbar there should be one USB option in the “Playback Output” box. Select that option.
  11. Press the record button.

What happens? Are you able to record?