Rookie having problems

I am new at this, so I have read all manuals, looked at all tutorials, and am still having problems recording from a Crosley CR249 turntable using Audacity. The software shows recording, no errors in the error log, states is using LAME, but no monitoring waves show in the software. Even when I click on “click to start monitoring”, it shows nothing.

Good morning, I finished updating my PC to Windows 10 and my Audacity recognizes the sound card but it does not record on track or on metronome, I already installed previous versions and the same happens, I configured the preferences so that I could record but it does not work for me. Does anyone know what can I do?. Thanks a lot.

from a Crosley CR249 turntable

Make sure to select “USB” as your [u]Recording Device[/u].

states is using LAME

LAME is ONLY used if you get to the last step and you want to make MP3s. And, LAME is now built-into Audacity so you don’t have to give it a 2nd thought!

Can I use Primary Sound Capture Driver?

If you are using the USB connection you need to select “USB… something” as your recording device. It might say “USB CODEC” or something like that.

" Primary Sound Capture Driver" is probably your regular soundcard which you are not using with a USB connection.