rolled back to 3.0.5 - it has errors [SOLVED]

I have rolled back Audacity to 3.0.5 - the last version before the smart clips, as I can’'t work with the heavy and very slow 3.2.1 until there is an option to disable the smart clips.

But there is a problem - the 3.0.5 has errors, as the Toolbar is squashed and the Edit Bar has lost some key functions.

Is this is a known issue? I installed it from the recommended site, 64 bit for Windows.

I have re-installed it, but the errors are the same.

Could you please provide a link to this version 3.0.5 64 bit for Windows without errors, or advise how to fix them.

this is what it should look like
3.0.5 normal.jpg

and this is what I got. As you can see - the Redo/Undo and Zoom In and Out etc buttons are missing, and the Toolbar is squashed. I tried to stretch it - can’t do.

3.0.5 with errors.jpg

Try reinstalling 3.0.5 and during the installation enable the option to “Reset Preferences” when it appears.

it worked - thanks!