roland tr8 drum machine set up and recording advice

hi all.i am new to this forum and was wondering if any nice people could help me set up my roland tr8 so i can record it in audacity.i am having real trouble setting up,many thanks.

That’s understandable.

the TR-8 integrates entirely into your computer-based rig via USB, transferring both audio and MIDI via a single cable. You can even run analog audio out of the external outputs as you send audio over USB.

That sounds like you’re supposed to use music production software or maybe their own software inside your computer. Audacity doesn’t speak MIDI very well. Audacity will try to record any sound that’s available to the computer. So go into the computer sound management and see if the drum machine is listed there. If it’s not, then Audacity isn’t going to work.

If you’re trying to use music software inside your computer and record it in Audacity, I would say you couldn’t do that, either. Audacity doesn’t like sharing resources.

Audacity can record the mixer audio outputs from the rear of the machine (attached). I can’t tell without digging in the instructions, but it looks like you need to adapt 1/4" plugs to your computer. You need Stereo Line-In not Mic-In.

I have had good luck with the UCA-202 sound adapters. Adapt the TR-8 sound connections to RCA connectors and the UCA-202 will digitize the sound for recording. Again, this may not work if the computer is doing anything else.

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