Rodecaster and Zencastr with Audacity help please!!

Hi Guys, new here so please take it easy on me :slight_smile:

Firstly I’m on OSX Catalina.
Peavy 4 channel Mixer
Rode K2
Using Zencastr to record co-host and guests.

I run a weekly podcast where my co-host is in another city, we do this via Zencastr, we don’t record in Zencastr (their recording quality sucks) so I record both of us mixed into the same channel in Audacity. It works, but if his level is too high or low I cant control it in post production.

So the question is, can I somehow record JUST his audio on a separate track? (So I can adjust his levels in post production).(keeping in mind he needs to hear me)

Another one! Does Audacity do multi track recording?

If so, if I use a Rodecaster Pro can I record his track (done on Zencaster) and mine in real life and get two separate tracks recording into Audacity?

I know the Rodecaster Pro can recording multi tracks in the machine, that’s no use to me, I want to have multi tracks in Audacity.

Thanks legends!

Windows guy here.

The party line here is to use another computer, or use Zencastr’s recording.

So you could record yourself onto a separate device, merge the recordings after the fact, and then use auto-duck.

Some people ask the guest to make a separate recording.

Some users on Windows have found two devices: “RODECaster Pro Stereo” AND “RODECaster Pro Multichannel”. If that is so for you, then select the multichannel device.

cyrnao here: suggests that MAC users check for a firmware update.