Røde Podcaster Pro 14 channel

I have a Røde Podcaster Pro 14 Channel connected to my Windows laptop with Windows 11 home. Audacity does not detect more than 2 channels. I have set up the Wasabi. I have changed to a new laptop recently and did not face the same issues with my old laptop?

There is some information about multitrack recording in the User Manual but it seems like it often doesn’t work. (It may work better on a Mac.)

You probably need a DAW application.

Audacity is not the first choice for multi-channel jobs.

For one thing, it’s not a DAW-Digital Audio Workstation, it’s a Project Editor, and you have to play a lot of software tricks to get it to even admit multi-channel exists.

And in any event, it will only play stereo, so you won’t be able to hear what you did.