Rode NT1 Signature with M-Audio Solo Mk2 audio quiet cant make sound wave bigger

Hi, Hoping i can get help as I’m tearing my hair out trying to get a sound wave big enough to see to edit. I used to use a Blue Yeti for VO recordings which worked fine, however switching to xlr Rode NT1 with M-audio interface the sound is so quiet i can barely see a a sound wave. All the outputs are switched to 100% on Audacity and on the device output in windows 11.
Its set to 48000Hz 2channel in device settings and on Audacity, there is only 2 channel option no 1 channel. I’m recording in mono, changing to stereo doesn’t help.
Using loudness normalization adds hissing. My gain on the M-Audio is 50% and i cant go higher otherwise i hear too much of the room.
I’m about to give in a say it’s the compatibility of the MAudio with Audacity?

It’s possible to mount the NT1 the wrong way round

HI, Yes definitely speaking into the gold dot side, I get good volume when streaming via OBS and recording videos however when using Audacity its very quiet.

It’s not Audacity’s fault that your room is has not had sufficient acoustic treatment.

The NT1 polar pattern is tighter than the Yeti cardioid pattern:
it should be as good as the Yeti in rejecting the room.

I can crank it up to say 7 to get a vague wave length happening however it’s still too small to see to edit surely it shouldn’t be this small? I’m used to seeing much bigger. with the Yeti with the gain on 2.