How do I control RMS on my project? I need it to be about -20 db. This is driving me kinda nuts. Looking for any help.

The “Loudness Normalization” effect will enable you to set the RMS level: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/loudness_normalization.html

Loudness Normalization doesn’t check the peaks so make sure to watch-out for [u]clipping[/u]. If you can’t hit -20dB without clipping the limiter can help.

How do I control RMS on my project?

Nobody ever runs into “RMS” without also reading for AudioBooks. Are you reading for an audiobook?

We publish two tools of interest. ACX Check which will test your reading for Peak, RMS (Loudness), and Noise.

And the Audiobook Mastering Suite, which is a short list of tools that will force what ever you read into Peak and RMS with little if any sound damage. Noise is up to you.

Let us know.

One Important AudioBook Note. Do Not read a whole book and only then try to meet publication submission standards. We can’t cure all live reading errors and you may need to make studio changes and read it all again.