RMS Normalization

Has RMS been replaced? Coming back from several idle months to find several narration jobs pending, I find it is no longer showing on my list of effects when I go to work on a track. In going to the master folder it is listed there, but when I attempt to activate it, it does not populate onto the effect drop down.

As this is a critical part of my work. I need to know what’s gong on. Conversely, has it been replaced by another plug-in? If so, what?

Effect > Loudness Normalization > RMS.

Loudness Normalization has an additional setting for LUFS. That’s getting popular because it takes your ear sensitivity into account whereas RMS doesn’t. Dog whistles, middle C on the piano and earthquakes can all have the same RMS value, even though only one of them is audible by humans.

There is a tiny defect in the current tool because it will tell you the numerical value is the one for LUFS when the setting is actually RMS. Switch to LUFS and back and the value should settle down.

The numerical value is lying. The RMS value is actually correct.