RMS Normalization

I’m a programmer. I want to add the RMS normalization (like Sound Forge) functionnality to Audacity. I have to normalize some podcast (obviously with a lots of speeches… The Sound Forge normalization is better than the peak norm on some podcast) so I can make it.

What I have to do ? Made the functionality and republish the code ? Who ? Where ? When ?

Thanks for any reply.

Ze Seb

That’s handy.

Audacity has the ability to run Nyquist scripts. Nyquist is a programming language based on Lisp and is relatively easy to use.

With Nyquist, you can create your own normalization functions.
Have a look at this page (scroll down about 30 lines) http://www-2.cs.cmu.edu/~rbd/doc/nyquist/part6.html#index123

If you’re interested in learning about Nyquist, the place to start is: http://www.audacity-forum.de/download/edgar/nyquist/nyquist-doc/nyquist.htm

Of course, if you are more ambitious and want to get involved with developing the actual Audacity source code, have a look at this page: http://audacityteam.org/community/developers

Ok thanks for your quick and good reply! I will test Nyquist and maybe, lend a hand to this good project.

Ze Seb