RMS levels too low

On my fifth audiobook. Always had issues with getting RMS levels high enough (remedied with Amplify). Now seeing a message that my RMS is 17db. How do I get it up above -18? Is there a tool for that?

Same tool. Effect > Amplify with a negative number in the top setting will reduce the volume. -17dB is louder than-18dB. Your presentation is too loud. The audiobook specification is -18dB (louder) to -23dB (quieter). Hit it somewhere between those.

We publish an audiobook mastering suite that guarantees Peak and RMS. It’s three tools.


If you’re an old hand at this, skip down to PROCESS.

Most home readers have trouble reaching all three specifications at the same time.

We also publish ACX Check a single tool that reads the audiobook settings in your performance and reports them.