RMS Hiccup???

This morning I began recording but the wave length (sound track) is barely discernible, visually or audibly. I checked the RMS level on a portion of the track and it registered -46. When I mastered this small section, it then came out alright (both viisually and audibly) and the wave length is of normal height.

I know this must be an easy fix but don’t know how to get the recording wave length both visible and audible before mastering.

Can you help???

What are you recording? The microphone built-into your laptop? Streaming audio? Etc.? Any details you can give about your hardware and what you’re doing might help.

Low digital levels usually aren’t a problem but your levels are a bit too low, and there is probably another problem somewhere.

Usually, we don’t worry about RMS levels while recording. If the peaks “try” to go over 0dB you’‘’ clip (distort) your analog-to-digital recorder so we usually just watch the peaks and leave some headroom (for unexpected peaks).

After recording you may want to check & adjust RMS levels, but you still need to keep your peaks below 0dB. (There are specific peak and RMS requirements for ACX audiobooks.)

I’m using a blue yeti … the problem simply stated is I can barely hear the recorded words or see the track. I’m recording mono track … and it’s for a book. Once I master the recording, everything is OK … ACX check is ok. It’s the ‘during the recording’ that I’m having trouble with.

I’m using a blue yeti

I assume you’ve turned-up the gain control?

The microphone should be set to cardioid and you should be speaking into the front side (not the end or back), reasonably close (6-12 inches), with a strong-confident voice (loud without shouting… like you are addressing a group of people in a big room).

And, make sure you’ve selected the Yeti as your [u]Recording Device[/u] and then scratch the grill with your fingernail to make sure you’re actually recording from the Yeti, and not from the mic built-into your laptop.

Thanx, Doug … somehow the gain control got turned all the way back … works perfectly now

One last question the Blue Yeti Gain Control dial … should it be turned all the way up?