Ripping with Leaps

Hi everyone,

I got an issue with Audacity that forced me to change into GARABAND. I don’t know if I will be able to make myself understood. When I rip using audacity, everything works fine before I split into tracks. When all is in one track, the recording sounds okay. The problem turns out when I split into tracks. The resulting single track misteriously leaps. I will try to explain this.

When you listen to every track, it sounds in a sort of way a needle does when it physically leaps. They are like micro ones that makes the recording unsuable. it is as if the track mixes with itself in parts before or after. You may be wondering if the needle is in good state or if it is the one to blame for this strange behavior and the answer definetely is, “NO”. It has nothing to do with the needle, I checked that out.

I guess the problem begins when the software split the tracks. There is any part of the settings that may be wrong but I don’t know what it can be, if this is the reason. I rip in wav 24 bits. I know it is difficult to get help only for this confusing explanation, but It is hard to describe it without listening to it.

Well, in spite of that, I am sure there is a lot of smart “magicians” :smiley: in this forum to try to clear it up or give me a clue :wink:

Kind regards

pd. Meanwhile, I am using garageband for the purpose. Any reliable options to Audacity and Garaband?

What do you mean by “rip”? Rip means to extract stored digital data from physical media like a CD. Audacity does not do that directly.

If you are talking about splitting a long recording into separate tracks, I suggest you read this carefully:

If you want to make a gapless CD of a live concert where you can skip seamlessly between tracks, use a cue sheet (see This won’t work unless your burner supports Disc-at-Once.


Hi and thanks for replying. With rip I meant “digitize”. I have an audio technica Lp120 and I am converting my Lp’s to wav. I did everything like it is said in the manual. Maybe if I upload a piece of a track showing that fail, you would understand what I mean

It would be a very good idea to check you have the current Audacity 2.1.3 from Please see the pink panel at the top of the page.