Ripping traces HELP.

I record my music in Audacity long time, and now I wanna give my music to mix and master for professinal studio. The thing is that I have to send for them traces of all MY song becouse They want to play this in other program like cool edit pro or cubase. Please help me how to do that ,step by step. I was watching many tutorail on youtube ,When someone do it on Cubase and another program but I can’t find information about Audacity.

I am grateful for any help. I am waiting for answer.

Sorry for my English !

I have to send for them traces…

You mean tracks.

They will probably want WAV files, or they may accept FLAC files. Any Audio Editor/DAW can open WAV or FLAC files. They will NOT want your Audacity project (AUP files).

In Audacity you create a WAV (or FLAC) with File → Export Audio. Send the highest resolution files you have. The “pro standard” is 24-bit/96kHz, but don’t up-sample… That doesn’t gain you anything, it just makes your files bigger.

For mixing, of course they’ll need separate vocal, guitar, drum tracks, etc. (They can’t mix if the recordings are already mixed. :wink: ) For mastering only, you can provide regular 2-channel stereo (or mono) recordings.

A pro mixing/mastering studio should have a way for you to upload the files. They will be too big to email.

They want to play this in other program like cool edit pro or Cubase

FYI - Cool Edit Pro was never used by professional recording studios and it’s very old… It has not been sold for over 10 years. Cool Edit was sold to Adobe and they changed the name to Audition. And as far as I know, you can no longer buy Audition… I think you have to rent a subscription… Most Audition users have probably switched to Audacity!!!

Col Edit/Audition is somewhat comparable to Audacity… It’s more of an audio editor rather than a multi-tracking DAW. Audition or Audacity are perfectly suitable high-quality “simple” recording, editing, and mastering, but neither one is for “big” multi-track production.