Rip From Vinyl Problem

Ok, I’m rippin with setup: TURNTABLE → RECEIVER → PC
I don’t have a profesional sound card, so I’m usin’ the Line In Input connectin’ with the Receiver’s TAPE/MD Rec Out.
I can record with audacity or monitor the input.

My problem is that the recordin’ level meters always go to 100% and they even reach the red lights. I had ripped vinyls againn before some months without havin that problem. Then the meters were goin to the normal ~75%. What I may have done wrong?

you are sure that absolutely nothing has changed that you are using?

not even new software that could have changed settings?

you need to turn down the gain in your built in audio card driver
andor in audacity

then delete the new software so it doesnt do this again :mrgreen:

What do you mean? How can i turn it down? Even if I turn it down, it just slow down the meter on the input settin on audacity and it still show the VU meter goin into 100% i have just format my PC several times, but both times i was rippin’ was workinn with Windows 7, Audacity Beta, drivers for the soundcard installed and the exact same hardware.

you ask how to do it
then say you did it
and it still doesnt work
which does not sound musical to my spock ears

several places need to be adjusted
turn down the gain from the TT preamp
turn down the gain at the built in sound card
turn down the gain in audacity

do all of them

preamp - twist the knob, turn a switch
built in sound card - track down the driver
maybe you can do that by clicking on the speaker icon in the tray
audacity - slide the slider next to teh input you are using

Hi TiBon,

Are you using a Windows computer? If you are, which version? Windows XP? Windows Vista?

Look at the icons in the bottom right corner of the computer screen (near the Time/Date). Can you see an icon that looks like a loudspeaker?

^^ I think i did that, that’s why i told two different things: one for the chance that i have done it and one for the chance i hadn’t done it.

I can’t adjust the preamp, maybe because it’s build on the receiver
track down the driver and slide the slider on audacity is the exact same thing, the one change the other too

Damn man, I’m not a newbie, my problem is that when I turn down the volume ether from soundcard driver or audacity’s slider, the VU meter still show 100% the record’s waveform is becamin more normal and the sound cleaner, but how i can be sure that I record on the correct volume?

if that didnt do it
then you have to turn the volume down before those places

never heard of a receiver without a volume adjustment but maybe some of them dont –
earlier guy with this problem had to plug into the headphone out
to get a volume adjustment. needed an adapter. but it worked.

do you have it plugged in the microphone input?
then you cant do it unless the playing device has a volume control
you said line input but your symptoms say otherwise.

you seem to have a win7 laptop or equivalent
get an outboard interface with a true line in and a volume control

tell me exactly all the hardware and all the connections and
then tell me the exact software and all the options you set

Ok, look I got a PC with P5Q Deluxe motherboard and usin’ the onboard soundcard. Got a Sony STR-DE505 receiver, and a good conditon 90s Scott turntable with brand new needle. The turntable is connected on the Phono Input on the receiver, and another cable goes from TAPE/MD rec out to the PC’s line in, not microphone, also I can plug it on Video Rec Out, without any change. I use audacity beta, have also tired the stable version and Adobe Auditon 3, all with default settings and with the same problem, a squared Waveform. I should find a way to reduce the volume through the receiver but no options on the manual and i couldn’t found out myself too. The last time i ripped a vinyl i didn’t have to reduce it, so i don’t have to do it now too. What I want to succeed is to make the VU meter shows ~75% like the last time. (You know around -6).

all i can say is that the problem is before the sound card
and one guy solved that same problem by using headphone out and using the volume control on the receiver - that will lower the headphone out even if you cant adjust the line out –
required a cable/adapter but that worked

if you are getting a square wave then the input is way too high

why it worked before? something was different.
don’t know what changed but something has to be different.

can’t tell you how to recreate that old method, only to turn down the input which means at the receiver when the audacity and sound card adjustment do not do anything.

if you dont have a line out adjustment then you will have to use the headphone out or get an outboard audio interface.

Apologies, I missed that bit from your second post.

As you are using the same hardware now as you were when it was working, I don’t see how it can be a hardware problem.
It sounds very much that the problem is a setting in the Windows Control Panel. We’ve seen quite a few problems on the forum that are specific to Windows 7 where the recording level is massively too high.

Unfortunately I can not give a detailed account of how to change the settings as I don’t use Windows 7 myself, but the settings that you need to change are described here:

Ok guys, thanks for even radin’ the topic, thank you more that you tried to help in such a difficult situation. I just put the input from the Audacity very low, to 0.1. I know it sounds weird but I get very good rips. Thanks again :mrgreen: