Rip audio CD DTS 5.1 to multichannel WAV 5.1

How can I pip audio CD DTS 5.1 to multichannel WAV 5.1?

What do you mean by “pip audio”?
Do you have a DTS Audio CD player?

I mean rip, of course. My set can play multichannel WAV files from USB Disk.

Audacity cannot rip any sort of CD. For CD ripping you will need different software (try using Google to find something suitable).

are you saying that your computer does not play DTS Audio CD?
If so, then you will need something that can read DTS Audio CD. Audacity cannot read directly from any sort of audio CD (though it can read audio files from a data CD if your computer supports the CD format).

I’ll take everything and I’ve used Google.
I’ve tried Foobar and ‘Xrecode II’ but sound from channels of them were quite different then sound from channels of CD.
And I have no other ideas.

I’ve got about 40 CDs DTS and changing of them is a little boring already.

I don’t think that we are able to help you. This is the Audacity help forum and Audacity does not rip CDs, so for Audacity that’s the end of the story.
You may request “Rip from DTS Audio CD” as a feature request, but I doubt that it will ever happen as the format now appears to be virtually obsolete.

For what its worth, I did a quick search for rip dts audio cd on Google and got 400,000 hits. The first two hits both offered possible solutions.

Most evidently you.

Most of this hits are about conversion DTS to stereo. You haven’t read even one but you’re writing a lot.
Over and out.

Well none of this is about Audacity, which is what this forum is about (and actually I did read a couple of them, so there’s really no need for the sarcasm).

So if you install the DTS decoder ( ) in Foobar 2000 and convert the CD tracks to WAV in Foobar2000 without any processing, do you get a 5:1 WAV file for each track?


Yes. You can check that just in Audacity and because of that I’m writing here about it.
Maybe somebody’s ripped DTS that and checked in Audacity.
But channels of WAV files ripped by Foobar are quite different than channels of CD tracks.
Sounds not badly, but this is not the same, so it must be different ripper or some correction in Audacity, if it possibly.

We don’t have any DTS CD’s so we can’t check anything.

It’s not really anything do with Audacity except a feature request that it rips DTS CD’s.

How to extract DTS CD’s is better asked on an appropriate forum like hydrogenaudio or Doom9.

In what way is it not the same?

We can’t suggest “corrections” without some specifics as to the problem. Is it the non-front channels that are “wrong”?

You could also try VLC which uses libdca ( libdca - VideoLAN ) .

Or try MagicISO. Perhaps it does less by way of “decoding” (or perhaps it is a complete failure). I don’t know, that’s why it’s not a good idea to ask here.


I’ve seen yet, that most of advices here comes from people, who has the least of all to say in my topic.

This forum is for help with Audacity. Your question is not an Audacity issue.

Various people have tried to make useful suggestions which you have dismissed with contempt. We are not able to resolve your problem for you as you have not even stated clearly what the problem is.

As this is not even an issue to do with Audacity this is not the appropriate forum for your question. There appears to be no benefit in continuing this conversation so I’m locking this topic.

I have received confirmation from the OP that in fact the much earlier suggestion by Gale Andrews does in fact work. DTS can be converted to standard 5.1 WAV format in Foobar2000.

The crux of the problem discussed is that the channel order (channel mapping) for 5.1 DTS is different to that for 5.1 WAV.
The standard channel mapping for DTS is: FC , FL , FR , SL , SR , LFE
whereas the standard channel mapping for WAV is: FL, FR, FC, LFE, SL, SR
(For more details, see:

Foobar 2000 correctly maps the channels for WAV file, but the order is (correctly) different from DTS.

Reallocating channels can also be achieved in Audacity using the “Advanced Mixing Options”. See here in the manual for more details: