ringtones (SOLVED)

I have Windows 7 Home Edition x64 installed and Audacity 2.0
I have one saved project to Audacity and I would like to download this audio track as a ring tone on my Nokia Lumia710 cell phone.
If anyone can give me advise, I would be grateful
Many thanks in advance

We can tell you how to Export a good sound file to your Nokia as soon as you tell us what kind of file it needs. Koz

This page from the Wiki may help: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Making_Ringtones


Thanks for both replies. The file is an MP3.
I originally downloaded it to ZUNE which gives me an xspf file.
Not sure which one to use.
Thanks again

Hi Again
I read the Audacity web page regarding ringtones—it told me exactly how to do this.
My thanks again