Right.. This may be hard to answer

Today, My band recorded a song on my iPod and there was some stuff at the end that I don’t need and other stuff that needed editing, so as I usually do I e-mailed it to myself so I could download it to my desktop, so THEN I can convert it then finally, open it with Audacity… But this time when I opened it it stopped at 1:30 when then it’s 3:25… Do you know why ? Is it because I converted it… But then again, this doesn’t usually happen, and I’ve done it before, the same way as well… Please help! :smiley:

Sorry I think that will be impossible to answer. Something went wrong but it could be almost anything.
Do you still have the original recording?
What, why and how are you “converting it”?

What sort of computer are you using?
What operating system?
Which version of Audacity?

Your file is probably corrupted. What format is your file?

“Calculating” the playing-time for a variable bitrate file is a bit tricky.

I know MP3s are sometimes missing the VBR header, and some software will report the wrong playing time. I assume this can happen with any compressed format. But, I’ve never had a problem playing or editing one of these files. And when I save and re-encode, the timing is fixed.

And, how do you record with an iPod???

And, how do you record with an iPod???

As they are so fond of telling us, there’s an App for that.