Right ear headset level bug after opening Audacity

Hello. I’m using Windows 10 Pro 17763.253.

I was talking with people on discord when i opened Audacity and suddenly my right ear headset was nearly silent, but still outputting some sound. I also noticed a decrease in quality from what was still coming out of left ear. I tried playing a video on Chrome and the problem was still there.

To try and fix the problem and did the following :

  • Close audacity
  • Close all applications using the headset
  • Restart discord (problem still unsolved)
  • Restart the computer (problem still unsolved)
  • Set speakers as main device and play a music : works
  • Set my headset as main device again : nope, still unsolved

My headset has two devices relying on the same driver, so that the sound can be split between gaming and communications (i have a small device to level the two).
Using the communications device instead of the gaming device as i usually do solves the problem, but now whenever i need to use the gaming device the sound doesn’t come out from the right ear.

I didn’t try to reinstall the drivers yet but when i do i’ll let you know. In the meantime this is either a mishandled already used device or just a bug from the software but in all cases a really bothering issue :confused:

I’ve just had the same problem here. In my case, the cause is the headphone cable.
Check all of the audio connections, and test the headphones in something else (such as your smartphone).