Right channel is noisy and will not get recorded


when I began digitzing vinyls with my USB-turntable in Audacity, everything was fine. But today I realised, that when I start monitoring that the right channel is already active and makes a droning noise when I turn up my speakers really high. (See the first screenshot.)
Screenshot 2021-11-21 121744.png
And when I start recording from a vinyl, then the left channel is silent and will not get recorded. (See the second screenshot.)
Screenshot 2021-11-21 122414.png
The thing is, I can’t remember changing anything from the last recording session I did a week ago. Today I’ve updated Audacity to version 3.1.2. But the problem with the left channel did exist before I did the update.

When I play a file in my music player software my speakers work as they should, but when I record from a vinyl now the right channel is dead. I use a TEAC TN-4D USB-turntable which I bought new and started using only a few month ago.

The operating system is Windows 10 Pro.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Make sure Windows is [u]configured for stereo[/u].

Many thanks for the reply.

I will check the settings and get back to you in a few days. (Because the computer with the turntable is at my parents house)

I’ve checked the sound settings. My speakers are set as the standard device and the USB audio codec (the turntable) is set as the standard communication device. All devices are shown.
The standard format is set to 16 bit, 44100 Hz. The project rate in Audacity is set to 44100 Hz. The boxes for the exclusive mode are ticked and all enhancements are disabled (that is true for the speakers and the turntable).

In the communication tab I’ve changed “When Windows detects communications activity:” to “Do nothing” (It was set to reduce the volume of other sounds for 80%).

I’ve restarted Audacity but the problem with the noisy right channel and speaker still exists.

Maybe the right speaker has a defect, but would that explain why the recording of the right channel is not working?
The turntable is still pretty new. I’ve used it for a few month now and only on the weekends.

I have solved the problem. Apparently I didn’t mount the new pick-up of the turntable correctly. After removing it and putting it on again everything works as it should. Now both channels are silent when no record plays and the playback and recording works for both channels again. :smiley:

Apparently I didn’t mount the new pick-up of the turntable correctly.

I wouldn’t have expected that because most USB turntables come ready to go with a cartridge already installed.

But still, it could have a defect and I (or “we”) should have suggested checking the analog outputs by plugging into your stereo (or TV or something).