after updating Audacity (new Version with the weird Windows that appear arond my Tracks) i had a System Crash during a Power Failure…i was working on a project which CANT BE REPLACED…Audacity has ALWAYS SAVED EVERYTHING BEFORE…THIS TIME, i rebooted, and went through the Standard Recovery, but when i got to the VERY LAST RECOVERY and clicked YES, ALL RECOVERIES DISAPPEARED into OBLIVEON. GONE. PLEASE HELP!!!

new Version

Which is by number? Audacity 3 goes through numbers and versions very smartly.

i was working on a project which CANT BE REPLACED

Audacity 3 (I think all of them) have a new SAVE function. File > Save Project > Backup Project. That gives you a Project without links to the current show. This is good for Frozen Moment In Time backups (assuming you have room for it).

All that and it is very strongly recommended (and has been for a while) that you have stand-alone perfect quality WAV file backups of all your original recordings. This is the precaution that allows you to start over if something happens to the Project file or the edit process.

In other words, that raw interview with the governor should be available as a WAV file.


Important work should be available in two different places. In this case my phone (the recorder) and Mac Air.

Jademan is the rescuer-in-chief. We can see what he has to say about this.



Because it crashes constantly? That’s not good news. If you do a program update, it’s possible the recovery system and the current show may not match.

Did you do an Audacity update in the middle of production?

Jademan really has his work cut out.


Well, thanks for the vote of confidence. :wink: Unfortunately, I cannot be of any help in this case. Where I have step in is when Audacity tries to load a project, but gives up (or crashes) trying to load it.

In this case, as there is no project left, there is nothing left for me to look at.

Perhaps the developers have some insight they would like to share :question:

but the projects all recovered successfully except the last one…i am assuming there are temp files somewhere but i dont know where to look…e00 they are called or something

Again, thanks. This must be 2.4.2 or prior. I don’t do that either. Only damaged .aup3 files - and you don’t have one. Sorry. :wink:

Perhaps someone else can help.

Did you start the show on the old Audacity and have the crash on the new version? What were the two versions?

Is this a chapter that was open when the machine went down?

Do you have an AUP3 file for for this project?


Since it crashes continually? That is not uplifting news. In the event that you do a program update, it’s conceivable the recuperation framework and the current show may not coordinate.

Did you do an Audacity refresh underway?

Jademan truly has his work cut out.