Rhythm Track re-records on every track

Windows 10, 2.4.2.
I record a rhythm track no problem, but then when I record any other tracks it copies the rythm track along with whatever I’m attempting to record to the second track. I’ve played with the settings for hours and I’ll probably be embarrassed when I find out the solution, but I would really appreciate knowing what I’m doing wrong!

What are you trying to record from?

Alexis 4ch mixer, guitar and midi controller

Do you mean the “Alesis MultiMix 4 USB FX”?

Electric guitar or acoustic guitar? Pick-up or microphone?

What is selected in the Device Toolbar?
Where are your headphones connected?

Yes multimix USB, also Alesis V25 midi controller pluged into a seperate USB. Hollowbody Gretsch and also have a Tak accoustic, but, doesn’t matter what I’m recording as it records well, It’s just that if I’m using a click track, it keeps re-recording the clicktrack on top of every track so that on playback I can’t get rid of the click track. Maybe I wasn’t clear on what the issue is. Everything records well, just can’t get the click track to not record on 2nd, 3rd, etc tracks.

MME / Line(usb audio codec) / Speakers (usb audio codec)
Headphones are plugged into the Alesis mixer

This mixer, if it’s the same one, has a white USB/EXT to MAIN button that should not be pressed. It should be possible to hear the backing track mixed with your show without that. I can’t find the instruction manual, but I’m looking.

There are other ways to get this wrong.


Is this what you’re looking for: https://7132afa424c2f1a2ab6d-54d68a14e2e7c1f76563a2d8c3e9fd82.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/954/documents/MultiMix_4_USB_FX-User_Guide-v1.1.pdf

I think you’re definitely on the right track Koz - Audacity’s playback being routed through the mixer back into the computer. I’m hoping that button does the trick as the manual is rather lacking in detail.

Cool. The other way to lose this is cross the sound pathways in the computer. Audacity should be recording from a real hardware “thing.” In my case, recording from USB Audio CODEC means my little silver USB stereo adapter. I can pick it up and look at it. Recording from SoundFlower, on the other hand, is not a real thing. I can’t pick it up and feel it. That’s a software redirection program I use to record internet sound. If I use SoundFlower incorrectly, that can send the backing track to audacity by accident, giving me two copies.

Thanks for the manual.

According to it, that button may need to be pressed to hear the backing track at all. That would not be good because that shoots Perfect Overdubbing in the head. You can’t listen to the computer because of delay and echo problems. You can listen to the backing track, but not live you at the same time. Let us know.


yeah, unfortunately with that button depressed, I get nothing even after trying multiply input/output configs

I was so focused on the click track that I neglected to try recording multiple tracks without the rhythm track and it’s a no go, It duplicates the first track on the second track so basically I can’t separate the tracks.

It duplicates the first track on the second track so basically I can’t separate the tracks.

Right. That’s the other way this can get messed up. Do you like to record internet music or shows?

Nobody wrote you can’t have two or more problems.


I don’t record anything off the internet, just trying to put my music down.
BTW thanks for taking the time to try and figure this out.
I really wanted to use audacity because of its simplicity but I’m going to try pro-tools to see if the problem is there as well. Might just be this mixer.

I think it is.
Trying ProTools is a good idea - if the problem happens there as well, then that will firmly point to the mixer.

If it is the mixer, then we can look at ways to work around the problem. Are you in the US, EU or elsewhere? (Relevant regarding the availability of inexpensive hardware).

I’m in Ontario Canada. I just have to figure out how to use pro tools now, might take me a while. Thanks for your help, I’ll let you know how I make out.

So, I tried through a tascam interface and it works fine so it’s the mixer. Very disappointed, I was hoping it would give me more flexibility because I can only record one thing at a time with the tascam and I wanted the fx on the alesis mixer for the vocals. If you have any affordable recommendations that you know from experience will work, that would be great. I appreciate your efforts in solving this issue.

If you can get one at a reasonable price (around $25 - $30), I’d suggest a Behringer UCA-202. Unfortunately it seems that the price for these little devices has gone through the roof in the US, if you can get them at all.

These devices have 2 line-in and 2 line-out connectors (phono connectors), a USB lead, and a headphone socket. The idea is that you connect the main out from your mixer to the UCA-202, plug your headphones into the UCA-202, and plug the UCA-202 USB lead into your computer.

Many similar devices are available from other manufacturers, but although these from Behringer are very basic, they offer very good sound quality at a low price - if you can get one.

That’s my Behringer UCA-202, analog sound mixer, and computer.

I don’t recommend Apple Earbuds for musical overdubbing. They were available for the picture and they would work, just not very well.

Switch the UCA-202 Monitor On and it will present both your live voice and the backing track at the same time without crossing them.


I tried the same hookup with my tascam US-100 and it worked perfectly, can’t tell you how pleased I am with the results and how helpful your advice turned out to be! Thanks again and all the best to you!