Rhythm track overdubs onto other tracks

Can’t use rhythm track without it overdubbing onto other tracks. Tried every possible combination of settings. Want to use a click track and then record a bass track but the click track overdubs onto the bass track. Also can’t record separate tracks without overdubbing. Win 10. 2.4.1. ART USB Mix.

I know this behavior from other cheap mixers: In your ART USB the “USB Return Signal” is routet on channel 2/3, where it again becomes a part of MAIN OUT SIGNAL and so part of the next recording track. You should use a real good audio interface, which offers independent MAIN and MONITOR routing. Here you can combine all instrument channels to MAIN and MONITOR, but the USB RETURN SIGNAL is only routet to the MONITOR. Now you can hear computers playback on the headphone or speaker together with instruments. but only instruments reach the computer.

Try this:
Conect your speaker to MONITOR OUT (headphone)
Be careful with the MONITOR volume, because is has a headphone preamp signal!
Do not press the USB PLAYBACK TO CH2/3 button.
Perhaps you have luck and the playback is now on MONITOR only

Or try this:
In AUDACITY do not use the USB CODEC for playback, but use the computers internal speakers

Or change to a better interface. PRESONUS AUDIOBOX is my favorite.