rhythm track or click track...

I need some help generting a click track…I’ve looked at a few you tube video’s but they don’t cover what I’m looking for I ave vesion 2.3.3 running on mac 10.13.6

can someone point towards a good video on setting up the click track ?



long time protools user, but new to audacity…which looks a lot simpler and easy to use…

That’s the easy part:

  1. Launch Audacity
  2. Run the “Rhythm Track” generator (Rhythm Track - Audacity Manual)
    The default settings will generate 16 bars of “metronome tick” at a tempo of 120 bpm with 4 beats to the bar.

In order to record yourself playing along to a click track, you will need to set up “latency correction”. See: Latency Test - Audacity Manual

Once the latency correction is set up, then it’s a simple matter of recording your live playing as an “overdub”. See: Tutorial - Recording Multi-track Overdubs - Audacity Manual

Note that playing to a click track takes practice. At first you may feel that the click track is speeding up and slowing down - it isn’t. It’s surprisingly difficult to play at an exact, regular tempo.

thanks for the help…