Reward, recovery of wav file.

I’ve used a product called Voice Recorder by FancyApps on my Windows Phone. (how could I construct so much wrong in one sentence).

None the less I “attempted” to record a meeting approximately 40 minutes in length. On playback the file states it’s 20 minutes in length and won’t play in the recorder. I’ve attempted several other players to no avail. I’ve also attempted to import it into Audacity as a raw file, however I’m unable to get the correct combination of encryption parameters to read anything but noise.

According to the Voice Recorder description it samples at 41.1k, however given that my 40 minute meet ended up as a 20 minute file I have my doubts.

$100 US (paypal) to whomever cracks the code (so to speak) and recovers the file into a format that I can play.
Regards, Daniel.

I’ve used a product called Voice Recorder by FancyApps on my Windows Phone. (how could I construct so much wrong in one sentence).

I can make it worse (waving hand).

“…and this is the first time I’ve used it.”

it samples at 41.1k

Maybe 44.1KHz? That’s what Audio CDs use.

You can get wacky differences between the show length and the reported length in programs or players if the system has no idea what sound compression or config was used. Audacity in particular will play an X2 compressed sound file at double speed. Cartoon voices.

If you sweet-talk Windows into showing file name extensions, what does it say?

If you load the FFMpeg addition software into Audacity, it will recognize, open and play many more different sound files than Audacity alone. Scroll down.


It does say “(41.1KHz sample rate)”, but that looks like a typo : 44.1kHz is the common sample-rate.

That’s a pretty old version of Audacity. You should probably update to the current 2.2.2. The add-on software sometimes cares about the Audacity version.


If you have to resort to “import raw”, free software called MediaInfo can give the parameters …

NB: Be careful where you get your copy of MediaInfo: there are versions with malware/adware incorporated.

Koz, thank you so very much for the reply.
“…and this is the first time I’ve used it.”
I can neither confirm or deny the statement above (stupidly only did a test of a few seconds recording).

I’ve loaded the wav file here…

Unfortunately mediainfo won’t display anything other than file size… I think the wav file is FUBAR.

I’m running Audacity 2.2.2 with the FFMpeg extensions. No Bueno.

“File not found”.

Sorry, wrong link.

I’ve loaded the wav file here…

A playable test-recording made by Voice Recorder by FancyApps could come-in handy:
#1. It could give-away the correct parameters in MediaInfo.
#2. It could provide an intact header, if the playback problem is a corrupted header.

It’s only 11Mb. If that really is a 44.1kHz WAV-format file, it’s only ~2 minutes long.
If that has 20 minutes of audio it has to be in a compressed format, (not WAV).

I think you’re right, if indeed it was ever a valid WAV file.
From the reviews of that software, I’m not surprised :frowning:

Tend to agree.
I’ve tested the fancyfu#kup recorder again, although it plays back in the app ( with what appears to be a sampling issue), the mediainfo on the “wav” file still doesn’t exist.

Unfortunately I was time constraint… which looks to have cost me considerably more time than I ever imagined!

Thank you so very much for the input, some great ideas, for some idiotic software.

For future reference, Microsoft has an own-brand recorder-app called “windows voice recorder”…

The app you’ve used could just be some sort of lookalike, (ransomware ?: give us cash & we let you hear your recordings).
Andrej is only gettin 11MB too.png

It’s actually the app I’m using now… however that’s soon to change. It would appear that even Microsoft have given up on Windows Mobile.

Thanks to all for the assistance. I’m thankful that there are people out there genuinely willing to assist with pointing me in the right direction, even if the result isn’t what I had hoped.

Thanks again, Daniel.