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I have a mbed lpc1768, and what I am trying to do is do the live input reverse effect like the Digitech TimeBender, but it’s hard to find any information about how to do the reverse effect, can anybody point me to any books or any information … what is the reverse effect classed as a algorithm is it in DSP can I get any pre programmed IC from anywhrere. At the moment all I have is open source code which is well yeah really hard to understand at the moment because I am still learning.

I found this little bit of text and that is it on google so far but is this correct? I need a book.

D/A converter to read the memory backwards. You have to sync the read and writes to the memory to make sure they don’t collide.

It can be a messy thing to do. Its not for amatures.

Digitech > pedals > loopers / delay > TimeBender

Not just one tone. Delays used to be one sound, analog or digital and then one fixed delay time. The TimeBender does just what the name implies – bends time. Featuring 10 delay types including Analog, Digital, Moving Head Tape, Fixed Head Tape, Dynamic (ducking delays), Reverse and Time Warp, the TimeBender goes where no delay has gone before. Further advancements include full-time tone control, modulation, multiplier, tap tempo and repeat ping-pong patterns on all delay types. For the first time you can get a Fixed Head Tape delay sound with tone rolled off, modulation and set to repeat in triplets.

Go Beyond. The TimeBender goes beyond normal delays to create custom repeat rhythms or patterns on the fly by simply strumming the guitar. Up to 6 taps can be set to quickly create delays that would normally take a rack of effects and hours of programming. For instance; a 6 tap moving head tape delay can be created where the delay taps are not equally spaced but fall on beats set by the guitarist.

New Tones. Topping off the TimeBender is the ability to add intelligent harmonies to the delays. Choose from over 100 different voicing’s including octaves, 5ths, 3rds, etc. When the repeats are turned up layers of singing angelic tones are created to form never heard effects.

Power at your feet. The TimeBender offers more than a full rack of delay effects topped with intelligent harmony and the ability to quickly set the repeat rhythms – never has a delay so advanced been this easy to use and packed in a pedal. The TimeBender is the delay that all other will be judged by.

So exactly what effect are you wanting to produce?

You’ll also need this: Homepage - Handbook | Mbed

reverse words or guitar like sweep live input Sweep

Don’t know where to start tho or what code I should be looking for what books do I need to study algorithms??? is there anything even been writin on how to reverse audio:) or do I have to try and understand your source code:)

“Sweep” is another multi-purpose tool. It is not related to Audacity. If you want details of an effect that is included in Sweep you would probably be better to ask them.

Do you mean that you need the algorithm for a “scrubbing” effect?

You know of algorithm book for lossy compression such as celp speex asm u law a law, a good one:)

Two downloadable books for Speex:

For the others, try Google

I needed a real book guess I will just have to print, unless you know of any published books

Can you paste or give me the code of audacity reverse effect code I can not find it in source please.