Reverberation or Echo on export

Audacity 2.0.0

Installed from Ubuntu Software Centre (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS ‘Precise Pangoli’)

Listening to the project via an .aup file, there is no echo or reverb.

Exporting the .aup to .mp3 and listening (VLC) there is echo on both L. and R. channels.

I have no settings for echo open or changed. What gives?

Are you listening to MP3 damage? Export one piece as WAV (Microsoft) and see if it sounds OK.

If it is your MP3 compression, what’s the possibility you’re trying to edit an MP3 file? When you do that in Audacity, the sound compression damage doubles from the original work.

Another experiment, try exporting MP3 with a really high compression setting like 250 or 320. Did that help?