I am trying to add reverb to a vocal track. I have 2 plug ins available. With both after the processing, no signal is left. And the processing seems to take a real long time. Using a quad core processot and Vista 64–bit.


“No signal” do you mean no original signal, only the reverb effect ?. If so there is usually a wet/dry control which allows you to vary the ratio of original (dry) to reverbed (wet) in the processed track.

I’ve sucessfully used “Freeverb” and “Gverb” plugins with audacity

Freeverb has less controls and is simpler to use.

“Freeverb” requires the “VST enabler” to be installed in audacity.

by no signal, I mean no signal.Nothing. Flat line. I have VST enabler loaded. The 2 reverbs are freeverb and classic reverb. Same thing with both of them. Could it be because I recorded with 24 bits?
Othe effects seem to work


VST effects are not supported very well by Audacity. Have you tried G-Verb?