Hi to All :smiley:
Please can anyone tell me if there is a reverb button anywhere on audacity?
I have looked through the effects and cant see one.
If not,is there a way that I can import one from somewhere? And if so,any recommendations??
Many Thanks in Advance.


Effects > GVerb down near the bottom of the list. If you’re on a Mac, you get an extra one with the global tools. There are certainly others for download. Koz

Hi Kozikowski :smiley:
Thanks for your reply,sorry for the delay,have been away for a few days.
I checked out the Gverb as you said but it seems that no matter how tiny an ajustment I make, the result
sounds like its in the middle of the albert hall!! :confused:
Please can you tell me which slider/sliders to move and in what direction to put just a small amount of
reverb onto my project.
Also, I am building a simple 12 bar blues song, doing it 12 bars at a time.
So once ive got the first 12 bars perfect ie.Drums,bass,guitar ect. How do I start to build the next section so that when I
click play it plays the first section and then runs into the next section??
Looking forward to your reply.

Kind Regards.


See here:

I recommend using the “Duplicate and mix together” method described on that page.

Hi Steve :smiley:
Many thanks for your reply. I think ive figured out the reverb issue, but can you help me out on the second question I asked about recording in sections, one after the other :confused:
Looking forward to your reply.
Kind regards.