Reverb Plugin Causes Audacity to Crash

I’ve been happily using Acon Reverb Solo with Audacity for months. But now it causes Audacity to crash every time I try to apply it to a file. I did update to the latest version of Audacity 3.2.3. (I’m starting to believe that updating any software is an invitation to disaster.) I’ve tried reinstalling Acon Reverb Solo. The crashing problem still persists.

There are other new glitches with the Acon plugin. When I select a user saved preset, trying to apply it suddenly changes the settings. Also, the plugin doesn’t retain the last setting I used. In the past, I never encountered either of these glitches with Acon Reverb Solo.

Any suggestions?

Solved my own problem. As I suspected, Audacity 3.2.3 doesn’t play well with my Acon plugin. So I trashed 3.2.3 and installed an earlier version of Audacity. I’m back up and running. Moral of this story: never update software.

If it’s a realtime plugin, try pausing the playback, rather than stopping, then applying the changes via mix & render.