Reverb on .mp3 export file

I have Audacity 2.0.3 on my Mac 10.6.8.
After editing my narration and music track exactly as I wanted it to sound and having checked it, I exported it as a mp3. Sadly, the mp3 file recording has reverb on it when I play it :astonished:
Is this to do with the Dither settings or that the 32 bit has been compressed :question: I have read up what you have said in the wiki file, and checked my Audacity Preferences under the Quality tab and they are set correctly with Real-time Dither set to None and High-quality Dither to shaped. I can’t find anything else to do :exclamation:
I had used the Compressor effect and Noise Removal effect in editing the recording.
I hope that is all the info you need to direct me to rectify this issue.
Thank you.

Many people mean different things by “reverb.” Could you be experiencing MP3 compression distortion? Make a new MP3 (with a different name) and when the Options button is presented, click it and make the quality setting something really high like 320. Does the show still sound funny?

If it does, post a little bit of it here.

We warn people against doing theatrical production in MP3. Honky, bubbling MP3 distortion doubles when you edit and Export in Audacity.


Thanks Koz,
I re-did the piece only using the Noise Removal effect and increased the quality as you suggested. I am very happy with the result.
Thank you for being so responsive,