Reverb missing in edit chain.

I found out that audacity can do batch operation on audio files.

I thought great !

But I tried to find reverb in edit chain.

It is not there !

Please get this fixed.

Each filter and effect that appears in Chains has to be carefully re-written and programmed to do that. It’s not like we go down a list of check marks and tick off the ones we want.

Eventually, they will all be included, but this isn’t a vast corporation. It’s a rag-tag bunch of volunteer coders that meets on bank holidays in the garden shed behind the verger’s office.


In addition, I believe the reverb you’re using is new with Audacity 2.0.4. The one before that was GVerb, so nobody’s had any chances to deal with that yet. Koz

Thanks for the report. It seems no-one noticed or remarked yet that reverb was not in Chains.

If anyone needs reverb in a Chain in 2.0.4, you can try this Nyquist Stereo Reverb . Put it in the Audacity “Plug-Ins” folder and restart Audacity.