Reverb in recording / Windows 8

I am looking for help in recording on Audacity and I am getting a reverb effect in the Voice Over I am trying to capture.

Transport is set at Software Playthrough, and I have been tinkering with the latency settings as I am used to getting realtime monitoring from when I used Adobe Audition 3 before it was lost in a system crash. So far no luck with the latency on the monitoring on Audacity no matter what I try. I am trying to record in Stereo.

Mic is an Apex 435 condenser mic, plugged into a Tube MP preamp and that line goes into Line In on the sound card.

Try turning off Windows (and sound card) effects and enhancements .

Also make sure you are recording from line-in in Device Toolbar ( ) and not from stereo mix or internal mic. Mute the internal mic in Windows if necessary.

You cannot get real time playthrough unless it’s in hardware (unmute the line-in on the playback side of Windows). Most Windows Vista and later machines don’t come with this ability. See here .

Or should the preamp have headphones output for monitoring, plug in there.

You cannot adjust the playthrough latency in Audacity - its set at a fixed value.